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Discharging Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

Discharging Tax Debt in Bankruptcy

While it is true that most tax debt cannot be eliminated by filing for bankruptcy protection, under some circumstances outstanding tax liabilities can get discharged when you or your business become insolvent.  It is worthwhile to understand when, how and…

The Federal Tax Levy: A Harbinger of Exaction

Segal Cohen & Landis The Federal Tax Levy

The Internal Revenue Service has sweeping powers in the form of the federal tax levy to collect when you don’t pay your taxes. It can take a significant portion of your paycheck, freeze the seize the funds in your bank…

Back Taxes Featured Article

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No one likes to pay taxes, but it is our responsibility as American citizens to know and abide by all established tax laws, regardless of whether they are state, local, or federal. If this process is completed properly, one can…