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The IRS Alter Ego Theory of Liability

The IRS Alter Ego Theory of Liability

When a taxpayer has an outstanding tax liability, the IRS has authority, subject to due process considerations, to seize the taxpayer’s personal assets such as bank accounts, wages, and property to satisfy the tax debt.  Under an alter ego theory…

The Federal Tax Levy: A Harbinger of Exaction

Segal Cohen & Landis The Federal Tax Levy

The Internal Revenue Service has sweeping powers in the form of the federal tax levy to collect when you don’t pay your taxes. It can take a significant portion of your paycheck, freeze the seize the funds in your bank…

Offer in Compromise Featured Article

Offer in Compromise

Introduction Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, taxpayers find themselves in a situation in which they are unable to pay for their tax obligations. This results in back taxes, which must be taken care of immediately to prevent any penalties.…

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