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Wage Garnishments Featured Article

Wage Garnishment

Introduction Every individual in the United States is expected to pay their taxes so that government can provide various public services and benefits. If one neglects to pay their taxes, serious consequences ensue. In spite of this generally well-known idea,…

California Gold – (Part 2) – Samuel Landis

California Gold (Part 1) If You Are Well To Do, California Wants Your Money, by Samuel Landis

If You Are Well-To-Do, California Wants Your Money The State of California seeks to classify individuals as residents of California in order to subject them to California’s income tax.  Two tests are applied to determine if an individual is a…

Tax Levy Featured Article

Tax Levy 2

Managing through an IRS tax levy So what is an IRS tax levy? A tax levy is method the IRS uses to satisfy a debt of tax through the legal seizure of your property. A tax levy is different from…

Tax Lien Featured Article

Tax Lien

An IRS tax lien; is it something to be feared or ignored? For millions of American taxpayers every year an “IRS tax lien” is a familiar tax collection method. That’s because the federal government often uses an IRS tax lien…

Offer in Compromise Featured Article

Offer in Compromise

Introduction Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, taxpayers find themselves in a situation in which they are unable to pay for their tax obligations. This results in back taxes, which must be taken care of immediately to prevent any penalties.…

Back Taxes Featured Article

Back Taxes Due

No one likes to pay taxes, but it is our responsibility as American citizens to know and abide by all established tax laws, regardless of whether they are state, local, or federal. If this process is completed properly, one can…

California Gold – (Part 1) – Samuel Landis

California Gold (Part 1) If You Are Well To Do, California Wants Your Money, by Samuel Landis

Samuel Landis has represented some of the largest tax cases in both the entertainment and music industry due to his exceptional quality of work and his commitment to maintaining the utmost level of discretion and privacy for his clients. Living…

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