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The Coveted Home Office Deduction: Do You Qualify to Claim It?

Do You Qualify to Claim It

More people than ever before are working from home, however not everyone can claim the home office deduction on their federal income tax return.  The IRS rules regarding who can deduct expenses for maintaining a home office are strict and…

Cash Payment Apps & New IRS Reporting Requirements

Cash Payment Apps & New IRS Reporting Requirements

By January 31, people across the country will have received various tax forms containing information to be included in their annual federal income tax returns.  Given some of the new Internal Revenue Service reporting requirements surrounding cash payment apps like…

Unfiled Tax Returns: Consequences and Compliance

Consequences of Not Filing Your Tax Returns2

Most taxpayers are required to file a tax return each year; however, some have neglected to do so and find themselves overwhelmed with the task of catching up.  Reasons abound to justify a decision not to file including a fear…

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