Grammy Winner Sentenced in Tax Case

Singer  and Grammy Winner Lauryn Hill found herself in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, as discussed in a previous blog post. Ms. Hill faced a judge on Monday for her failure to pay taxes on earnings that numbered around $1 million, charges to which she pleaded guilty last year. She was sentenced to three months in prison, and three subsequent months in home confinement.

Ms. Hill, in a statement before the judge on Monday, emphatically stated that she had always planned to pay the taxes she owed, but that this was not possible during the time that she removed herself from the music business. This statement was in the same vein as a statement she posted online last year when her tax troubles came to light.

Without an explanation for her actions, Ms. Hill stated that she needed to be able to earn money to support her family, but that she had been unable to do so.

Her attorney previously stated that Ms. Hill had attempted to make payments to satisfy her tax liabilities in regards to both her state and federal taxes. According to him, she has paid over $970,000. Her attorney sought probation, as Ms. Hill was facing up to a year in prison.

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