Lottery Winner’s Family had IRS Lien on Property

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune discussed the IRS woes of the father-in-law of the million-dollar lottery winner who died of cyanide poisoning shortly after winning. The father-in-law, Fareedun Ansari, allegedly owed the IRS a significant sum of money. The amount that Urooj Khan’s father-in-law owed the IRS is apparently around $120,000. As a result of the back tax issue, the IRS placed liens on Khan’s Chicago home, according to an investigation by Tribune reporters.

Ansari resided in Khan’s home at the time of his son-in-law’s poisoning, according to statements made by Ansari’s criminal defense attorney. The criminal investigation into Khan’s death began after a relative voiced concern after the Cook County Medical examiner’s office found that Khan had died of natural causes. A more extensive examination showed that Khan had actually died of cyanide poisoning.

According to records from the county recorder of deeds, the tax liens that were filed by the IRS were related to unpaid back taxes for a business that Ansari had operated and that Khan had financed.

Both Ansari and his daughter, Shabana, have hired criminal defense lawyers as the investigation intensifies.

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