Navigating the Smooth Sailing of This Tax Season: Insights and Updates

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Navigating the Smooth Sailing of This Tax Season Insights and UpdatesWith the Tax Deadline Approaching, Are You Prepared?

As we edge closer to the April 15th deadline, it’s essential to take a moment and assess: have you filed your taxes yet? This year, the IRS reports a remarkably smooth tax filing season, a welcome change from previous years where paper returns and unanswered calls were the norms.

Significant Improvements in IRS Customer Service

The IRS has embarked on a multi-billion-dollar mission to enhance its customer service and ensure compliance among the affluent tax brackets. At a recent American University event, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel highlighted new conveniences introduced this season, including a call-back feature that liberates taxpayers from the endless loop of hold music.

A Leap Towards Efficiency

As of mid-March, the IRS had efficiently processed 98% of the received 71 million tax returns. This efficiency is largely attributed to the shift towards electronic filings. Additionally, taxpayers are seeing a bump in their refunds, with an average of $3109, a 6% increase from the previous year.

Boosting Accessibility and Support

Understanding the critical nature of support, the IRS has expanded its workforce and opened new walk-in centers, enhancing the taxpayer experience. Moreover, its website has been fortified to serve as a robust resource for information seekers.

Innovation Through Direct File

In a bold move, the IRS has introduced a Direct File pilot program allowing simple tax returns to be filed directly with the government for free, a game-changer for taxpayers in select states. Though the program faces opposition from traditional tax prep services, its success could signify a paradigm shift in how taxes are filed in the future.

The Battle Against Tax Evasion

With a significant funding boost from the Inflation Reduction Act, the IRS is intensifying efforts to bring wealthy tax evaders to justice. From scrutinizing corporate jet usage to auditing billionaires, the agency is leaving no stone unturned in ensuring fair tax contributions.

The Fiscal Sense of Tax Enforcement

Despite budgetary pushbacks from Congressional Republicans, the IRS maintains that investing in tax enforcement is not only just but economically savvy, promising a return of $2 to $6 for every dollar spent.


As the IRS makes strides in improving its services and cracking down on tax evasion, it’s a reminder of the broader responsibility to contribute fairly to the nation’s fiscal health. For taxpayers navigating this season’s smoother waters, it’s an opportunity to fulfill civic duties with ease and confidence.

Stay informed and prepared with our comprehensive tax guidance and expertise. Whether you’re filing before the looming deadline or seeking advice on navigating IRS updates, we’re here to ensure a seamless tax season.

Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

An accomplished tax attorney is best suited to help you resolve a seriously delinquent tax liability whether via offer in compromise, installment arrangement, or not collectible status.  This is especially true when time is of the essence and the ability to freely use your passport is at issue.

You may have grounds to dispute an IRS certification as erroneous or challenge the tax that has been assessed against you via administrative appeals.  A skilled tax attorney can help you correct the tax bill and also get your passport restrictions reversed quickly.

On average taxpayers who set up their own payment plans with the IRS end up waiting more than 60 days for their passports to get cleared for travel.  Also, any request for expedited decertification must be substantiated with specific documentation and is only granted under exceptional circumstances.

The experienced tax attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis have successfully resolved hundreds of decertification cases and have helped clients get IRS passport restrictions lifted in a timely manner while also resolving the underlying tax liability.  We have secured expedited decertification on behalf of clients with imminent international travel plans as well.

If you are interested in having a complimentary consultation with one of our partner attorneys regarding your tax matter, please feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to speak with you and will advise you how we can resolve your case and how much it would cost.

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