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The attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis have written articles and legal briefs on a wide range of topics pertaining to tax controversy which have been published in reputable outlets such as Thompson Reuters, Haute Lawyer along with local and national news platforms. They have also served as legal authority in several court cases. Some of those articles are reproduced here for your reference.

Missed the Tax Deadline Here's Your Next Step

Missed the Tax Deadline? Here’s Your Next Step

If you were unable to file your taxes or settle your due payment with the IRS by April 15, the first action to take is to apply for an automatic extension of six months by submitting Form 4868, ideally before the day ends. Additionally, making even a partial payment could mitigate potential penalties. Time Extensions […]
Victoria SCL

Victoria Lee, Esq. Shares Her Unconventional Path to Becoming a Tax Lawyer, Championing Black Women’s Representation

Becoming a lawyer is no easy feat, much more so for people from disadvantaged populations. While ethnic and gender representation in the law profession has been improving over the past years, the average American lawyer is still a white male. According to the American Bar Association, 39% of lawyers are women as of 2023 and Black […]
Navigating the Smooth Sailing of This Tax Season Insights and Updates

Navigating the Smooth Sailing of This Tax Season: Insights and Updates

With the Tax Deadline Approaching, Are You Prepared? As we edge closer to the April 15th deadline, it's essential to take a moment and assess: have you filed your taxes yet? This year, the IRS reports a remarkably smooth tax filing season, a welcome change from previous years where paper returns and unanswered calls were […]
US IRS aims to collect on 125,000 unfiled high-income tax returns

US IRS aims to collect on 125,000 unfiled high-income tax returns

US IRS aims to collect on 125,000 unfiled high-income tax returns Click here to view original article By: David Lawder WASHINGTON, Feb 29 (Reuters) - The Internal Revenue Service said on Thursday it will crack down on high-income earners who have failed to file tax returns in 125,000 cases since 2017, resurrecting a non-filer enforcement […]
Owe Back Taxes

What to Do When You Owe Back Taxes: Expert Insights from an IRS Tax Law Firm

Owing back taxes can be a heavy burden to bear, particularly when the amount accumulates over time. This financial and emotional strain can not only hamper your personal life but may have negative ramifications on your professional life as well. It is crucial to address your tax debts in a timely manner, as they can […]
IRS Passport Revocation

Navigating IRS Passport Revocation: What Taxpayers Need to Know

Traveling abroad is a privilege that many individuals take for granted. However, for taxpayers with significant unresolved tax debt, this privilege can be curtailed due to potential passport revocation by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In 2015, Congress passed the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, giving the IRS the authority to coordinate with the […]

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