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The attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis have written articles and legal briefs on a wide range of topics pertaining to tax controversy which have been published in reputable outlets such as Thompson Reuters, Haute Lawyer along with local and national news platforms. They have also served as legal authority in several court cases. Some of those articles are reproduced here for your reference.

resolving tax issues

Resolving Payroll Tax Issues: Expert Advice for Small Business Owners

Managing payroll taxes is a crucial responsibility for small business owners. Payroll taxes comprise various federal, state, and local taxes withheld from employees’ wages, as well as employer contributions. Failure to accurately and timely report and remit these taxes can result in significant financial penalties, legal consequences, and complications for your business. Therefore, understanding payroll […]
Handling Payroll Taxes

Handling Payroll Taxes: What to Know and How a Payroll Tax Attorney Can Help

In the world of business, there is one inevitable obligation that every employer must cope with – payroll taxes. Fulfilling this mandatory responsibility is not only an essential legal requirement but also a vital aspect of maintaining your business's financial health. Payroll taxes may seem daunting to some, but they need not be an insurmountable […]
unpaid taxes

Consequences of Unpaid Payroll Taxes and Solutions with a Payroll Tax Attorney

Taxes are an inevitable part of running a business, but failing to remit payroll taxes can lead to dire consequences for your financial health and the longevity of your operation. The responsibility of accurately calculating and timely submitting payroll taxes falls heavily on the shoulders of employers and understanding the ramifications of unpaid payroll taxes […]
IRS Passport Revocations

Understanding IRS Passport Revocations: How a Tax Law Firm Can Help Protect Your Freedoms

Travel is a fundamental aspect of modern life—whether for leisure, business or any personal reason. However, certain situations can jeopardize your ability to travel internationally, with one such scenario being unresolved tax debt. Many individuals may be unaware that owing taxes to the IRS can result in the revocation or denial of their passports. To […]
Tax Debt Relief Options

Understanding Tax Debt Relief Options: How an IRS Tax Law Firm Can Guide You

Dealing with tax debt can be a daunting and stressful experience, especially when facing mounting liabilities, penalties, and interest charges that seem insurmountable. In many cases, individuals and businesses confronted with these challenges may not be aware of tax debt relief options available to them, leaving them encumbered by the weight of their tax burdens […]
IRS passport

The IRS Passport Revocation Program: Potential Consequences and Legal Solutions

Traveling abroad can be essential for various reasons, including business endeavors, vacations, or visiting family and friends. In recent years, the IRS has increasingly used its authority to revoke or deny passport privileges for taxpayers with significant tax debt. This measure can have severe consequences for individuals who rely on their ability to travel internationally. […]

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