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The attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis have written articles and legal briefs on a wide range of topics pertaining to tax controversy which have been published in reputable outlets such as Thompson Reuters, Haute Lawyer along with local and national news platforms. They have also served as legal authority in several court cases. Some of those articles are reproduced here for your reference.

IRS passport

The IRS Passport Revocation Program: Potential Consequences and Legal Solutions

Traveling abroad can be essential for various reasons, including business endeavors, vacations, or visiting family and friends. In recent years, the IRS has increasingly used its authority to revoke or deny passport privileges for taxpayers with significant tax debt. This measure can have severe consequences for individuals who rely on their ability to travel internationally. […]
IRS audit

Navigating IRS Audits: Tips, Remedies, and the Importance of Tax Attorneys

The prospect of an IRS audit can be understandably intimidating and stress-inducing. Whether you are an individual taxpayer or business owner, an audit can disrupt your financial stability and introduce a host of uncertainties and anxieties about the future. However, understanding the IRS audit process, implementing best practices to minimize risks, and seeking the guidance […]
Unfiled Tax Returns

Unfiled Tax Returns: Understanding the Consequences and Seeking Expert Legal Assistance

Tax compliance is a critical responsibility for individuals and businesses alike, and failing to file tax returns can lead to severe consequences, including financial penalties, interest charges, and legal complications. Addressing unfiled tax returns and ensuring future compliance is essential to maintaining your financial well-being and avoiding more significant challenges down the line. In this […]
Tax Relief for Small Business Owners

Tax Relief for Small Business Owners: Insights from Payroll Tax Attorneys

As a small business owner, facing tax debts can be overwhelming and detrimental to your business's success and long-term stability. Complications can arise from payroll taxes, income taxes, and other tax obligations related to small business operations. Failure to address these tax liabilities proactively can result in hefty fines, penalties, or even more serious consequences, […]
Resolving Back Taxes

Resolving Back Taxes: Understanding Your Options and the Importance of Tax Attorneys

Taxpayers who owe back taxes to the IRS often face a daunting and complex challenge in navigating the resolution process. Unresolved tax liabilities can lead to severe consequences, such as financial penalties, wage garnishments, and asset seizures. However, addressing your back taxes and seeking the guidance of an experienced tax attorney can help you regain […]
Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Problems: Understanding Your Liability and the Need for Tax Attorneys

As a business owner, ensuring compliance with payroll tax laws is critical to your company's financial health and stability. Failure to properly manage and pay payroll taxes can lead to severe consequences, including audits, tax assessments, penalties, and even criminal charges. With the intricate web of federal, state, and local tax regulations, mastering the nuances […]

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