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The attorneys at Segal, Cohen & Landis have written articles and legal briefs on a wide range of topics pertaining to tax controversy which have been published in reputable outlets such as Thompson Reuters, Haute Lawyer along with local and national news platforms. They have also served as legal authority in several court cases. Some of those articles are reproduced here for your reference.

Resolving Back Taxes

Resolving Back Taxes: Understanding Your Options and the Importance of Tax Attorneys

Taxpayers who owe back taxes to the IRS often face a daunting and complex challenge in navigating the resolution process. Unresolved tax liabilities can lead to severe consequences, such as financial penalties, wage garnishments, and asset seizures. However, addressing your back taxes and seeking the guidance of an experienced tax attorney can help you regain […]
Payroll Tax Problems

Payroll Tax Problems: Understanding Your Liability and the Need for Tax Attorneys

As a business owner, ensuring compliance with payroll tax laws is critical to your company's financial health and stability. Failure to properly manage and pay payroll taxes can lead to severe consequences, including audits, tax assessments, penalties, and even criminal charges. With the intricate web of federal, state, and local tax regulations, mastering the nuances […]
IRS Passport Program

Tax Implications of the IRS Passport Program: What You Need to Know

The IRS Passport Program, introduced as part of the Fixing America's Surface Transportation (FAST) Act, has far-reaching consequences for taxpayers with significant tax debt. This program equips the IRS with the authority to certify taxpayers with "seriously delinquent tax debt" to the State Department, resulting in the possible denial, limitation, or revocation of their passports. […]
Navigating Tax Debt Relief

Navigating Tax Debt Relief: Understanding Your Options and the Role of a Payroll Tax Attorney

Financial difficulties and unanticipated setbacks can lead individuals and businesses to accumulate tax debt, which might sometimes seem overwhelming. However, addressing your tax debt problems promptly and effectively can protect your financial well-being and prevent additional penalties or interest. Tax debt relief options are available, designed to help taxpayers work with the IRS to manage […]
IRS Tax Audit

IRS Audit Defense Strategies: Navigating the Audit Process with a Payroll Tax Attorney

Receiving an IRS audit notice can be an intimidating and overwhelming experience, leading to anxiety and apprehension for taxpayers. However, understanding the audit process and having a clear strategy for defending your tax position can greatly increase your chances of a favorable outcome. The guidance of a payroll tax attorney in navigating the audit process […]
Tax Liens

Unraveling the Mystery of IRS Tax Liens: Prevention, Resolution, and Payroll Tax Attorney Expertise

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is legally empowered to claim a tax lien against a taxpayer's property when taxes remain unpaid, potentially wreaking havoc on a taxpayer's financial well-being and credit score. A tax lien is a public notice that informs creditors of the government's claim to a taxpayer's property. It can affect the taxpayer's […]