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No matter what kind of financial situation you are in currently, you should strongly consider hiring a San Diego Tax Attorney. In our work in San Diego, we have handled personal tax situations for people from multi-millionaires to low-income families and students. If you’re an entrepreneur or a decision maker within you company we strongly recommend a free consultation. We specialize in tax planning, payroll taxes, employment taxes, and other tax scenarios that companies in San Diego face. Businesses in this area of southern California often are involved in work all over the world, which can create a bit more complexity in the international tax situation. You can rely on us, as we are dually licensed Tax Attorneys and CPAs. We have the intimate knowledge of state and federal tax laws and tax code to help you make the best decisions for your individual needs.

When you are ready to discuss your tax situation, either as a business or individual, contact Segal, Cohen & Landis to schedule a 10-minute call with an experienced Tax Attorney. We offer San Diego tax services that are relevant for any tax situation you may encounter.

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Failure to comply with state or federal tax laws can have dire legal, financial, and professional consequences. Likewise, inadvertently overlooking or

misunderstanding details of the U.S. Tax Code can deprive the taxpayer of advantageous credits, deductions, or exemptions, while making it more difficult

to engage in advantageous tax planning. Whether you need to defend yourself against investigation / allegations of criminal tax wrongdoing, or simply have questions about how to make the most advantageous use of the Tax Code for your business or your family, rely on the award-winning San Diego Tax Attorneys and CPAs with Segal, Cohen &

Landis for unparalleled client service with a focus on risk mitigation and wealth preservation. To discuss your tax needs in a confidential, reduced-rate initial consultation, contact our San Diego Tax Lawyers and CPAs at 800-934-3578.

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