Segal Cohen & Landis Reviews Back To School: Deducting Your Child’s Music Lessons

As many parents know this time of year can be rather expensive. Sending your children back to school is no financial laughing matter. Many parents are forced to pay exhausting amounts of money for uniforms, instruments, books, school supplies and extracurricular activities but there is hope according to Kelly Erb at Forbes.

According to Ms. Erb you can at the very least deduct your child’s music lessons in certain cases. Generally music lessons are not deductible because they are largely considered a personal expense. However there a few exceptions that allow you to take a deduction. One such exception is if your child’s music lesson was prescribed by a doctor as behavioral therapy for a special-needs child. In which case, the lesson can be deducted as a medical expense. Music lessons prescribed by a doctor for other reasons may also be deductible.

According to Ms. Erb in 1962, the IRS allowed a deduction for clarinet lessons the grounds that an orthodontist prescribed it to correct an overbite. If your child’s music lessons are not doctor prescribed don’t worry there still may be hope. If the lessons fall outside of the school day and take the place of regular child care, it still might be considered a qualifying child care expense.