Segal, Cohen & Landis Reviews Enrolled Agents: Tax Law “Forgotten” Professionals

When it comes to tax law or tax issues, three types of professionals come to mind—Internal Revenue Agents themselves, Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), or tax attorneys. The forgotten members of this sector are often enrolled agents.

When faced with a tax audit, enrolled agents, who sometimes work with tax attorneys, may also represent taxpayers with the Internal Revenue Service. Currently, there are around 50,000 enrolled agents practicing in the United States. Unfortunately, these individuals have a few issues that keep them tax law’s hidden professional.

According to a recent article in Forbes, enrolled agents are not licensed by the states, which makes it difficult to advertise and forces them to use other titles other than that given to them by the passing of the test administered by the Internal Revenue Service. The article goes on to postulate that legislation regarding this was meant to protect CPAs, but unfortunately, it was adversely affecting enrolled agents attempting to practice their profession. Proposed legislation would make it possible for enrolled agents to display their titles and advertise, just as tax attorneys and CPAs are able to do.

The article goes on to discuss the advantages of CPAs and Enrolled agents, as they are able to do a taxpayers return and also represent the taxpayer in the event of an audit.

In the event of an audit that goes beyond stage one, it can be beneficial to have an enrolled agent on your side. Audits can often be complicated beyond that stage though, and consulting with an experienced tax attorney who has dealt with many audits may mean the difference in the end.

Segal, Cohen & Landis, LLP is a law firm with the tax professionals with the knowledge and experience to get the best results for taxpayers with tax issues. Not only do they have tax attorneys with decades of experience, they also have enrolled agents in the office who can offer their unique and crucial expertise.

If you are facing a tax issue, simple or complicated, contact your tax professional today to begin the process that could end in a favorable resolution.

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