Segal, Cohen & Landis Reviews Possible Further IRS Budget Cuts

According to a recent article in Forbes by Howard Gleckman, the IRS is facing possible budget cuts. The House Republicans have publicly stated that they will bring a series of proposals regarding the IRS to the house floor in the coming months. Also, the appropriation committee’s spending bill proposes further cuts to the IRS budget, which would leave the budget levels below the congressionally-approved budget from March (24%, to be exact).

In the article, Gleckman calls the move “foolish and counter-productive,” emphasizing that such budget cuts would only weaken the agency’s ability to carry out essential functions even further.

He notes that as a political move, it is effective, as the IRS has been in hot water with the public after the tax-exempt scandal broke earlier this year, but as a realistic proposal, it is not. Gleckman goes on to say that the root of the issue may have been in the “low skills, poor training, low morale, a shortage of resources, and bad management.” Whether or not this is the case, budget cuts would only cause these issues to worsen.

Gleckman ends the article by stating that is obvious that this will not pass, but it will certainly cause more stress and uncertainty at a time when the IRS needs such things the least.

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