Fee Schedule

Why Do We Charge Flat Fees? 

(1)  Why do we charge either fixed or hourly fees?  

Some cases require exceptional skill and substantial time to resolve.  These cases often involve entertainment, music, entrepreneurial, or public figures.  With these cases, we charge hourly fees that are specifically quoted on a case by case basis.  However, the great majority of cases can be resolved with skillful efforts that do not require substantial amounts of time.  For these types of cases, we charge flat fees.  Such fees are outlined below.

(2)  How much is the fixed monthly fee?

Various factors affect the fixed monthly fee.  Such factors include whether the matter involves income taxes or payroll taxes; whether the matter involves un-filed returns or an audit.  Additional factors may also include delinquent payroll tax issues and/or a penalty abatements.  Resolutions for IRS matters often include Offers in Compromise and Installment Arrangements.  Call us and we will tell you exactly how much the fixed monthly fee will be and how we will resolve your IRS matter.  1.877.404.0111

(3)  How many months does it take to resolve an IRS matter?

Every IRS case takes on its own character and therefore the time to achieve resolution depends on some factors beyond our control.  However, generally, the following actions and expected times of completion are listed below:

Installment arrangements: 1 to 3 months (if an appeal is required, then add a few more months)

Non-collectible status: 1 to 3 months (if an appeal is required, then add a few more months)

Offer in Compromise:  5 to 7 months (if an appeal is required, then add a few more months)

Audit representation:  Generally 6 months but this estimate may vary due to case specific issues

Un-filed Returns:  Preparation and/or Re-assessment of missing returns 1-3 months.  If an installment arrangement or Offer in Compromise is then pursued, see additional expected time above.  (Please note that there is a return preparation fee which is paid directly to the accountant).

(4)  What services will I receive for my monthly payment?

Every IRS matter that we handle is assigned to two of our attorneys, a senior partner and a senior associate.  You will be in contact with the partner and associate on a frequent basis.  Given that our senior attorney partners and senior attorney associates work on each matter as a team, we seek to answer your questions immediately when you call so that you do not have to wait for a return call.

(5)  Are my state tax issues included in the fee? Yes (usually)

(6)  Why is Segal, Cohen & Landis LLP the right choice for me?

 We are a law firm.  We possess greater knowledge and skill than non-lawyer resolution firms.  Only attorneys will be working on your case.  Our senior staff attorneys possess Master of Laws in Taxation (LL.M tax) in additional to their law degrees.  We have been very highly rated by various entities including the “SuperLawyers” publication.  We represent more attorneys who have IRS problems (per capita) than any other national law firm (which is quite an endorsement of the skill and value that we confer).  Also, we’re nice people and easy to talk to!

(7)  A message from Senior Partner, Samuel Landis:

For 25 years at Segal, Cohen & Landis LLP, we have endeavored to achieve the following.  First, we describe to our clients what results are possible.  Second, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, we tell our clients WHY the results that we discuss are attainable.  Third, we aggressively take every action possible to achieve those results to meet our clients’ expectations.

It is disheartening to hear so many stories from many of our clients describing how they were lied to by a salesman from another non-attorney resolution firm in a transparent attempt to gain a fee.  Whether you hire us or not, feel free to call us and we will give you the straight story.  If you can or cannot achieve a penalty abatement, we will tell you “why”.  If you qualify (or not) for an Offer in Compromise, we will tell you “why”.   There are no secrets.  We will tell you what will happen and why it will happen.

(8)  Would you like a phone consultation with our senior attorney partners?

Would you like a confidential attorney/client-protected phone consultation with senior partner Samuel Landis?  For immediate attention, feel free to call us directly at 1.877.404.0111.